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Fresh from the moment the pod went pop!

Freshly unfurled Papaver Patty's Plum

Just captured on camera: Papaver Patty’s Plum, with newly unfurled petals in all their exquisite beauty. I’ve never seen one looking as fresh before; they are so fleeting in their perfection, it makes them all the more sublime.

Tea & cake, WordPress and a waggy tail

One of my clients, Carol Whitehead, came to my home office last week for an update on the ins and outs of using WordPress and some more insight on SEO. She just so happened to be looking after a relative’s Collies for a couple of weeks, so bought one of them, Flo, with her. After a quick walk round the local park, a tasty chew for Flo and tea and homemade cake for Carol and I, we got down to the refresher lesson. Carol was very pleased with the new tips she picked up in the tutorial and Flo was impeccably behaved too. ;)


Flo the collie