Carol Whitehead

“Natalie is a talented, patient and persistent perfectionist. She has excellent editorial and organisational skills too which really helped with the kind of new website I was in desperate need of – one that I could have some control over on my terms, willing in principle to learn but not wanting to get tied up in social media.
As a dyslexic creative I have a huge mental block with IT. But when I met Natalie she pressed the refresh button in my attitude and quickly organised a new plan of action tailored exactly to my needs and scant experience. I really needed some focus as I had become confused with lots of project photos, scribblings and supposed USP ideas for marketing which I was totally cynical about.
Firstly she created the foundation to get me up and running and just as I would design and build a garden from scratch for longevity, Natalie built my website for the long term too. Just like garden design, it takes time to get to know a client, survey the scene and then construct a dynamic, well structured garden. What you see on my website is a beautifully slick and smoothly functioning site which catalogues my professional work and gives me a unique personal sounding board that I feel confident to use.
Natalie has also tutored me on the upkeep of the site at my pace, taking it stage by stage so I can add information when I have time. I’m enjoying writing posts in WordPress and collecting new ideas for the blog and am even starting to enjoy the marketing side and slowly understanding some of the workings of SEO.
The website is a perfectly functioning aesthetic portfolio of my work and is a work of art in itself. It has enabled me to engage and develop my business. Working with Natalie has been a very valuable experience.”
Carol Whitehead, Garden Designer and Artist